Sustainability & Well-being: The Ospa approach to the modern workplace.

Welcome to Ospa. We're at the forefront of combining the convenience of serviced offices with the core principles of sustainability and well-being. Based in Scotland, we're proud to be the first in our field to achieve the ISO41001 certification for Facilities Management.

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Green by Design: Ospa's Energy-Saving Features

Ospa buildings proudly boast an 'A' EPC rating, reflecting our unwavering commitment to environmental sustainability across our entire portfolio. Our commitment to a sustainable future, Ospa buildings incorporate advanced, eco-friendly features: 

Solar Panels

While our buildings already benefit from solar energy, we are committed to expanding this clean, renewable power source.

Efficient LED Lighting with Smart Technology

Our commitment to energy efficiency is highlighted by installing LED lighting. Not just any LEDs, but individually intelligent light fittings equipped with inbuilt sensors to adjust brightness based on occupancy and natural light levels, significantly enhancing energy savings.

Modern Air Conditioning

Our air conditioning systems represent the latest technology, focusing on providing heating and cooling where required, reducing energy consumption while ensuring comfort. We are in the process of upgrading across all locations to ensure uniformity in energy efficiency.

State-of-the-Art Building Management Systems (BMS)

At the core of our approach to energy conservation is our adoption of state-of-the-art BMS and our market-leading "Building Books" energy management systems. These sophisticated technologies are crucial for monitoring, controlling, and optimising building environmental conditions and energy consumption. 

By 2026, we aim to maintain our 'A' EPC rating across the board and continuously improve our buildings' sustainability features, ensuring Ospa remains a leader in eco-friendly business practices.

Our commitment to
environmental sustainability

In Central Scotland's business landscape, Ospa is not just the apex of premium office solutions but also a steadfast champion of environmental sustainability.

Strathclyde Business Park: Pioneering sustainabilty

Strathclyde Business Park has consistently delivered tangible and impactful sustainable solutions, and is a frontrunner in environmentally conscious development.

The perfect home for environmentally friendly businesses and teams.

Hamilton International Park:
A legacy of eco-innovation

Another shining beacon in sustainable development is Hamilton International Park.

Its commitment resonates through initiatives like the EcoCampus, the UK's inaugural speculative carbon-neutral office development.

Productivity meets comfort

In today's rapidly evolving business ecosystem, employee well-being is no longer a luxury — it's an imperative. We've redefined occupier well-being, making our office spaces synonymous with enhanced productivity, convenience, and comfort.

Strathclyde Business ParkHamilton International Park177 Bothwell StreetOspa spaces

Strathclyde Business Park

Sprawling across 155 acres of lush parkland with calming water features, SBP offers flexible office spaces ranging from 230 to 74,000 sq. ft. But what truly sets it apart is its dedication to occupier convenience:

Strathclyde Business Park
Indulge in diverse culinary experiences with two on-site restaurants, various food outlets, and a convenience store.
Freshen up or get a stylish trim with the on-site hairdressers.
Benefit from the Hilton's LivingWell Premier Fitness Centre, complete with a gym, swimming pool, and spa for those rejuvenating breaks.
For visitors, the Hilton promises restful overnight stays.
Always have cash with free ATM facilities readily available.

Hamilton International Park

With over one-third of Scotland’s workforce living within a 30-minute drive, Hamilton International Park has cemented itself as one of Scotland’s most successful business park locations.

Quick snacks or a hearty meal? Choose from Greggs to Tim Hortons and more.  Attend personal errands with an on-site newsagent, dentist, pharmacy, and even a nursery on your lunch break. Not to mention great access to Central Scotland’s motorway network – M74, M8 and M77. 

Hamilton International Park

177 Bothwell Street

At 177 Bothwell Street, we elevate occupier wellbeing — quite literally. The rooftop running track offers an unparalleled view, ensuring your fitness routine is as inspiring as your work. 

Its prime location near the central station also provides unbeatable connectivity.

177 Bothwell Street

Across All Our Locations

Wherever you are, Ospa can offer:

Ospa spaces
Seamless commutes with fantastic transport links.
Round-the-clock access, coupled with professional receptionist services.
Thorough security, including rigorous entrance checks.
Consistent infrastructure upkeep, from window cleaning to emergency light testing.
Bespoke office furnishing to match your business's essence.

A Haven for Well-being

At Ospa, tenant well-being is at the heart of everything we do within and beyond our buildings. Recognising the importance of a modern and comfortable work environment, we've integrated a range of in-building well-being features designed to foster productivity, relaxation, and overall wellness. These features include:

Free Focus & Conference Rooms

Quiet spaces dedicated to concentration and solitude, allowing individuals to work undisturbed.

Spa-Level Showers

Luxurious, spa-inspired shower facilities to refresh and rejuvenate during the workday.

Free Inclusive Refreshments in Meeting Conference Rooms

A thoughtful touch to enhance your meeting experience, offering a range of beverages to keep you and your team hydrated and energised.

Breakout Kitchen/Café Areas and Business Lounges

Vibrant spaces designed for relaxation and casual meetings, encouraging collaboration and social interaction.

Beyond our buildings' green credentials, Ospa offers a world of well-being. Our business parks are places of calm and tranquillity, featuring:
Expansive Greenery

Wide, open spaces invite you to take a moment, unwind, and recharge amidst nature.

Thoughtful Landscaping

Our gardens, designed with care, offer a peaceful setting for reflection and relaxation.

Woodland Trails

Wander through our woodlands, where paths wind through ancient trees, connecting you with the natural world.

Gym and Spa Access

To help with health and fitness, Strathclyde Business Park has access to Livingwell Health Club, offering gym and spa facilities, ensuring you have what you need to look after yourself.


Our commitment to biodiversity includes onsite beehives, which support local ecosystems and produce our honey, symbolising the harmony between business and the environment.

Onsite Nursery

To ease the challenge of childcare, we provide an onsite nursery that allows parents to balance work and family needs within a supportive community environment.

At Ospa, we're building a sustainable future on the principles of responsible business and a commitment to the planet and its people.

Become a part of a workspace that values your well-being as much as it does the Earth's.

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