MEP Hire

Elevating Professionalism & Fostering Growth with HFD

In the dynamic realm of mechanical and low-level access, MEP Hire – operating under the vast canopy of VP PLC – stood tall. Commanding the helm of 12 strategic depots across the UK, their growth trajectory was nothing short of meteoric. Yet, as their ranks grew, the shadows of their existing accommodations grew darker. The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, with its spatial impositions, only intensified their search for an office setting that would parallel their soaring ambitions.

Cramped Quarter: The Challenge 

Near M74 MEP Hire's earlier base near the M74 services, once apt for their operations, began creaking under expansion. Space, always at a premium, became even more elusive amidst the pandemic's distancing norms. The office structure fragmented their once-cohesive team, and the ambiance, rather than bolstering productivity, seemed to stifle it.

Retracing Roots & Discovering HFD 

MEP Hire's tryst with Strathclyde Business Park dated back to the late '90s. Their familiarity with the business park made it a natural prospect for relocation. Alternatives at the Righead Industrial Estate too beckoned. However, the siren call of a workspace that encapsulated professionalism, accessibility, and employee welfare was too attractive to ignore. Bellshill emerged as the top choice. When the pristine, well-conceived spaces of HFD unfolded before their eyes, courtesy of shared acquaintances and Elizabeth's fervent search, the decision solidified.

Why HFD? MEP Hire’s Perspective 

It wasn't just about interiors; HFD's spaces were a reflection of the prestige and finesse MEP Hire envisioned for itself. Geographical accessibility was a boon, simplifying hiring logistics. Moreover, the unwavering facilities support and exceptional customer service, particularly the commendable reception and facilities wings, made MEP's migration a breeze.

Transitioning to HFD marked an evolutionary leap for MEP Hire. The state-of-the-art environment not only elevated their professional ethos but also ensured a frictionless transition, with HFD's unwavering support evident from meticulous paperwork to premises readiness. Moreover, the new office quickly became a beacon, drawing in aspirational talent and becoming a focal point of discussions. Cementing their trust in this transformation, MEP Hire has etched a 10-year commitment, signalling a promising, robust, and enduring alliance with HFD.

Elizabeth's insightful take on HFD's service, resonates deeply.  They are more than just brick and mortar. HFD embodies an unwavering commitment to its tenants. Their foresight, precision, and unparalleled dedication to satisfaction set them leagues apart.

In Their Own Words

"Transitioning to HFD was nothing short of a revelation for us at MEP Hire. The space, the environment, and the team at HFD have transformed our working experience. It feels good to be in an office that's not just about walls and desks but about nurturing growth, collaboration, and professionalism. We're not just tenants; we feel like partners on a shared journey."

~ Elizabeth, MEP Hire.