DSV Air & Sea

DSV Air & Sea’s Journey with HFD: A Tailored Fit

The Conundrum at EuroCentral: 

DSV Road's offshoot, DSV Air & Sea, was flourishing faster than its parent. While the growth was commendable, their EuroCentral base, nestled near the M8, soon became restrictive. This cramped space impeded their capacity to onboard more talent, especially after the acquisition of a Renfrew-based company. The spatial squeeze started to nibble away at their operational vigour.

The Paving the Way for Expansion: 

Glasgow city centre was tempting, yet the convenience of a drive-to-work model was non-negotiable for the team. An online exploration led Julie to HFD. Their impeccable professional ethos and unwavering dedication to client success resonated with her immediately.

Smooth Sailing Transition: 

Migrating to HFD was a masterclass in precision. The meticulously planned move, which considered other tenants, was disruption-free. During the switch, HFD's prowess, particularly in health and safety, became a pillar of support. Amid the turmoil of the pandemic, this expertise was a silver lining for DSV.

Service Beyond Contracts: 

At HFD, DSV found more than just an office space. Whether it was the promptness in addressing concerns, the luxury of an all-encompassing serviced suite, or the immediate attention to maintenance - the experience was unparalleled.

HFD listened and responded to the initial parking concerns, swiftly expanding options for DSV. This nurturing environment, maintained to perfection, turbocharged DSV's operational efficiency. Moreover, with HFD's upcoming emphasis on energy, DSV is enthusiastic about a future dovetailed with their compliance and energy goals.

Julie Thomson succinctly captures the essence of their partnership, valuing HFD's end-to-end solution. Unlike mere space providers, HFD offers an ecosystem, steering DSV towards uncharted successes.

In Their Own Words

"DSV's growth narrative demanded a space echoing our global stature, and HFD fit the bill perfectly. The team's professionalism, promptness, and proactive approach have been invaluable from our initial interactions to our day-to-day operations. Their integrated service offering has made our daily operations smoother, and we look forward to continuing our collaboration in the future."

~ Julie Thomson, DSV