Rehau Limited

Choosing HFD for Strategic Growth and Unwavering Support

Established as a titan in supplying uPVC profiles to window fabricators across the UK, Rehau Limited's merchandise has long been the cornerstone of other businesses. Yet, with growth in sight and expansion on the horizon in places like Manchester and Dublin, Rehau's vision was drawn to Scotland's strategic locale, especially its closeness to essential motorways.

The Quest for Perfect Grounds

Recognizing Scotland's potential as a nerve centre close to their market, Rehau set forth on their journey to find an office space that resonated with their ethos. After weighing options in locations like Livingston and near Glasgow Airport in Linwood, their search culminated at HFD. The allure wasn't just the state-of-the-art constructed office space but the expansive green surroundings – a tranquil haven for employees – and the solution to the perennial parking dilemma.

Embarking on a Seamless Odyssey

1997 marked a pivotal year for Rehau as they etched their partnership with HFD. A testament to HFD's commitment, the move was a paradigm of ease and efficiency. As Rehau morphed and shifted its spatial requirements over the years, HFD rose to every occasion, mirroring Rehau’s evolutionary spirit.

Long-lasting partnership

Though self-proclaimed as "low maintenance," Rehau's journey with HFD was dotted with moments of unwavering support, from quick-fix maintenance to efficient telecommunication systems. The bedrock of their partnership was built on candid conversations. Whether it was market adaptations or envisioning future growth, HFD counsel was a trusted compass for Rehau.

Rehau's outlook is one of continuity and growth. With an infrastructure that spells excellence and a team whose approachability knows no bounds, Rehau is poised for many more years of partnership with HFD.

HFD: A Class Apart

The distinction of HFD isn't just their geographical centrality, extensive parking, or the ambient environment. It's the added touch of sustainable innovations, like low energy lighting, that propels them to a league of their own.

In Their Own Words

"At HFD, we discovered not just an office but a stronghold. Since our seamless shift in 1997, the consistent pillar of support from the HFD team has anchored us. Our journey, marked by growth, change, and evolution, was mirrored, nurtured, and championed by HFD every step of the way. As we peer into the future, it's a partnership we cherish and look forward to fortifying."

~ Colin Pearson, Rehau Limited."