New hives create a buzz at Strathclyde Business Park.

Strathclyde Business Park has welcomed some new occupants! The latest workers to join us at SBP come in the form of bees, and they will be part of our introduction of on-site beekeeping as part of our ongoing commitment to creating sustainable workplaces.

Our partnership with Plan Bee, a company that aims to protect and preserve the UK’s honeybee population, is just one of the measures that form part of a broader environmental commitment for Ospa and Strathclyde Business Park. 

SBP is now home to four beehives and up to 500,000 bees, with members of staff, school groups and the local community invited to get involved with the beekeeping and honey-making process. Our employees on-site at SBP will also be able to sample the bespoke honey created from the hives! Speaking about the newest members of the Strathclyde Business Park ecosystem, Alison Bell, operations manager at Plan Bee, said: 

“It’s great to work with forward-thinking, eco-conscious companies to address some of the pressing environmental concerns that affect us all and to create a generation of biodiversity champions. The collaborative partnerships at Strathclyde Business Park demonstrate how businesses can work together to make a positive impact, even greater than the sum of their parts. Although we are just at the beginning of a long-term partnership, we’ve really set a benchmark for how companies can look after their environment, their people and the communities in which they work.”

As pollinators, bees play a crucial role in the ecosystem, with the insects responsible for one in every three bites of food we eat, but they are facing an ongoing threat from changing land use and habitat loss. The conservation efforts at Strathclyde Business Park aim to support the local bumblebee population and help address a significant environmental concern. And, with the buildings at the park nestled amongst 155 acres of lush parkland, we hope the bees will feel right at home in their new dwellings.

However, our focus on sustainability doesn’t stop at our new residents. We have recently introduced new electric car charging points and increased bike storage facilities — making it easier than ever to choose an environmentally friendly method when commuting to work. Rosemary Hill, managing director at HFD Property Management Services, added: 

“It’s important that we work together to make sustainability a focus for the whole community, including the 6,000 employees that work at the park. We’re working on an ongoing programme of initiatives to offset our carbon footprint and create a sustainable working environment. We’re excited to see how the partnership with Plan Bee progresses and, with the scope to introduce more beehives in future, we hope that this is just the first step in supporting the local ecosystem.”

If you’re interested in a new office space solution, look at our current vacant spaces or if you would like to join the bees at Strathclyde Business Park, find out more about this location here. 

Alternatively, you can contact us directly to discuss the best solution for you! Driven by our customer-first ethos, we have developed a seamless offering through integration and flexibility, ensuring cost-effectiveness, ease of administration and unwavering quality.

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