Decoding the true cost of office space

When venturing into the world of office space, you will quickly learn that the surface numbers can be deceptive. The prominently displayed rent – which often entices business owners – is merely the beginning. In fact, our in-depth research reveals that this base rent accounts for just a portion of the total cost. So, what about the remaining costs?

Peeling Back the Layers of Office Spaces

Just like an iceberg, the most significant portion of costs lies beneath the surface. These often-overlooked charges, including cleaning, energy, connectivity, and maintenance, play a crucial role in your final bill. And much like the submerged part of the iceberg, being unaware can be detrimental to your budget.

A Tale of Two Options: Ospa vs. Traditional Office Suppliers

Imagine comparing the total cost of leasing an office space. A bar graph, if drawn, would display a stark difference between Ospa and your average office provider. This disparity isn't merely about numbers but genuine value and financial transparency.

Although a typical office space might seem cost-effective initially, once your account for cleaning, energy, connectivity, furniture, IT setup – the list goes on – you could be shelling out a lot extra that you didn't initially sign up for. Instead, with Ospa's All-Inclusive Promise, you could save 30%.

Ospa: Pioneering Transparency in Serviced Offices

Ospa believes in presenting the complete picture. Our "All Inclusive" offering ensures no hidden surprises – the price you see is genuinely what you pay. This lets you steer clear of unexpected fees and allocate your budget more efficiently to what truly matters: growing your business.

The Hidden Traps of Low Base Rent

A low base rent is often the bait in the modern office space scene. Many succumb to its allure, only to discover a myriad of concealed charges later. Ospa challenges this norm, championing a genuine commitment to transparency and value.

Our All-Inclusive Promise:

If the numbers tell a story, let it be this: where others might charge £900K, Ospa offers the same space for a mere £630K. Make the smart choice; choose Ospa.

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