The Worlds Strangest Spa Treatments

Ever fancied trying a treatment that is a bit different? Here is a list of the most unique, bizarre and strangest spa treatments in the world.

Snakes that relieve tension

This $70 spa treatment involves six non-venomous California and Florida king snakes slithering up and down your back to help relieve tension.

Tea, coffee, red wine, sake, or ramen noodles baths

Bathe in flavoursome pools of green tea, coffee, red wine, sake, or ramen noodles at Yunessan Spa in Hakone, Japan.Or soak in a tub of dark beer, thought to help increase circulation and detoxify the body, in Chodovar Family brewery, Czech Republic.

The Snail Facial

The Clinical Salon in Tokyo, Japan launched an unnerving treatment: the snail facial, or, as they call it, the "Celebrity Escargot Course." For about $252, organically raised snails are applied to your face, where they slime around for a bit, before being removed. The process is then followed by massages, masks, and snail mucus creams, all designed to help repair damaged skin cells

A truly “bling” facial

Umo, Japan, offer a 24-karat gold facial treatment for $250; to maintain youthful skin by accelerating cell renewal and reversing oxidation damage.

The $180 Bird Poop (aka “Geisha”) Facial

Shizuka, a New York Spa offers the Japanese geisha tradition of exfoliating and brightening skin with the Geisha facial composed of sterilized nightingale (bird) excrement which allegedly contains important enzymes for your skin.

Get Viagra for your hair

Hari’s Salon, Knightsbridge, London, offers a conditioning hair treatment referred to as “Viagra for Hair.” This Aberdeen Organic Bull Sperm Treatment uses the sperm of a bull combined with protein-rich Katera root to help moisturize and repair your hair.

Cactus massage

The Four Seasons Resort, Punta Mita, Mexico offer a cactus massage, which uses prick-free cactus paddies to massage a blend of cactus meringue and cactus blossom into your skin to remove toxins and rehydrate your skin.

Edible facials
The caviar firming facial or caviar body treatment from The Cavalieri Hilton, Rome works to transform your dull complexion to firm, radiant skin.

Get wrapped in wet hay

Italy’s Hotel Heubad’s body wrap treatments get pushed to a different level with the Original Volser Hay Bath. Here, you’ll soak in a water bed heated to over 100F degrees  while you’re wrapped in wet hay that has been harvested from the meadows of Alpe di Siusi in mid-July to early-August. The treatment is said to fortify your immune system and stimulate your metabolism.

Blood Facial Treatment

A la Kim Kardashian, this treatment involves extracting blood from the arm and injecting back into the face using nine acupuncture-style needles.

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